Brief Encounters (2014)

Pencil Crayon on 250gsm Stonehenge Archival Paper
15" x 22"

Part of a group show titled:
Portraits of Brief Encounters

Portraits of Brief Encounters are a series of illustrated vignettes by Cole Nowicki. It has been a bi-weekly feature on Sad Mag’s web offering since 2013, and it’s annual incarnation as an art show/gallery game is a pretty darn fun affair and has received press from outlets like Booooooom, Ion Magazine, Vancouver Is Awesome, and Scout.

A Pilot in Fog

The sliding door was wide open and Michael the Japanese exchange student sat in the backseat, clutching onto the fur of the great, white expanse of dog that was Jenny. I waved at Grandpa as he drove the van past us. He waved back but Michael didn’t, I assumed because Jenny would have leapt out into the street like the buffoon she had been if not restrained. When I told my Mom and Grandma this they looked concerned and asked me to go into the other room. It was only a few years later that he wasn’t able to remember my name. As I watched your elderly hands slowly steer the Oldsmobile up and over the roundabout I wondered if anyone had spoken worriedly about you behind closed doors yet.