Toys (2012)

Screen Print - 22" x 30"
on 250gsm Stonehenge Archival Paper
Screen Print

Limited Edition of 10

Childhood Toy Project - A series of drawings based off treasured childhood toys. Each individual drawing took one day to complete and then were later arranged into a full composition. This project explores ideas around childhood, the spirit, and the process of revealing ones true nature through examination of personal histories; objects, imagery, stories, memories, and experience.

Each object is in reality a small window into a past made visible through study, rendering, and drawing parallels to other objects within the group. Another important element in this process was the act of learning a new skill, in this case screen printing. Being in a position of needing help, failing, problem solving, making cognitive connections and eventually the application of new knowledge.

All of these acts give insight into a past version of self. Ultimately aiding in identifying the primary elements that make up character (motivations, aversions, attractions, etc.) through comparison to the present version of self.

From this process of self reflection my aim is to get closer to the core of who I am, what drives me, and ultimately returning to a more open intuitive state of mind. A more poetic metaphor exists within the Taoist principal of the un-carved block or 'Pu'; To see and interact with the world in a childlike manner. Perception without prejudice, beyond dualistic distinctions such as right/wrong, beautiful/ugly, black/white.