You're Beautiful (2009)

Fishy, Frankie & Zombie - 48" x 48"
Maria, Tom, Britney, Jessica,
The Olsens, & Paris - 8-14" x 16"

Arcylic on Woodboard

Fishy, Frankie & Zombie - Inspired by 1950s B movie monsters. Each figure includes contemporary feature exaggeration (fuller lips, larger breasts, longer legs).  By applying an extreme makeover aesthetic to appropriated images of retro bodies, I hope to challenge our culture's ideals of beauty and perfection.

Through these satirical pieces I'm interested in highlighting the discrepancy between image and authenticity. These works address pop culture's creation of reality, one which is mediated through personal stylists, Photoshop, and extreme surgeries. The old and invaluable (once styled, retouched, and augmented) becomes new and relevant.

Maria, Tom, Britney, Jessica, The Olsens, & Paris - Personalities who exemplify pop culture's ideal role models; singers, actors and socialites. Each has strived to become the most prominent in today's celebrity media.

Although the personalities I've selected may have each his or her own face and name, it is my view that each is ultimately interchangeable; they all come from an inconsequential pop-start roster, complete with a common perishable's mandatory expiry date.

Off with their heads!